About Kimberly's Center


Kimberly’s Center for Child Protection was created to be a more thoughtful and sensitive response to the neglected and abused children within our community. In 1996, a task force of professionals and community leaders identified that the previous well-intentioned, but flawed system required children to relive their trauma over and over for separate agencies, which only caused further emotional trauma. The solution was to create a single, safe and comforting environment where a child could receive a single interview and exam conducted by a professional who also specializes in the care of children. Then, after the necessary process of obtaining facts and information in order to be utilized in the prosecution of their abusers, Kimberly’s Center can remain in the child’s life to serve as their primary source for healing.


Every year 1,200 children come to Kimberly’s Center having experienced unimaginable abuse and neglect. In order for Kimberly’s to compassionately respond to these children and be their primary source for healing, we provide the following services:

            • Child Advocacy
            • 24/7 Abuse Diagnosis
            • Forensic Interviews
            • Medical Exams
            • Crisis Intervention Counseling
            • Child & Family Trauma Counseling
            • Therapeutic Supervised Visitations
            • Multidisciplinary Team Case Coordination
            • Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Education

Our objective though our compassionate response is not only to help children heal after their abuse, but also impact their lives by preventing further childhood trauma, creating stronger cases for the conviction of their abusers, and by cultivating safe and emotionally healthy homes and families.


Melissa Bianculli – Chairman
Robert Batsel – Vice Chairman
Davis Dinkins – Former Chairman
Ken Ausley
Brad Nelson
Sheriff Billy Woods
Chief Greg Graham


Joe Brannon
Ben Adams
Todd Duffy
Reese Bourgeois
Thad Boyd
Angie Clifton
Tamara Fleischaker


Dawn Westgate, MNM – Executive Director
J.D. Steed, MD, – Medical Director
Roberta Lapp, LCSW – Clinical Director
Victoria Smith – Senior Case Coordinator
Brittany Cecil- CPT Case Coordinator
Stacey Martin, ARNP – Nurse Practitioner
Heidi Hensley – Data Specialist
Cory Caraway – Child Advocate

Courtney Richardson – Intake Coordinator
Jennifer Van Ness-Davis, MA – Therapist Intern
Alan Hickey – Therapist Intern
Ingrid Batista – Therapist Intern
Kristin Wilson – CPT Case Coordinator
Nadene Marnolejo- Child Advocate
Sharington Houston – CPT Case Coordinator
Niki Tripodi – Development Director