GEM Society

What if we could respond faster, more directly and more effectively to our community’s most at-risk children?  The Kimberly’s Center GEM (Giving Every Month) Society can help us do just that!

Top 5 Reasons to join:

  • It’s easy! Just click the “Donate Today” button in the top right corner of this page, then enter an amount and check the “Monthly” box.
  • Giving monthly enables you to make an impact all year long!
  • The administration costs for Kimberly’s Center are lower – which means more of your donation goes directly to child abuse and neglect programs.
  • Donations from individuals enable Kimberly’s to respond directly to the community’s needs – cutting through the red tape of grants!
  • A donation every month really adds up – just $25 a month means a yearly donation of $300!

A monthly gift of ANY AMOUNT qualifies you for our GEM (Giving Every Month) society. What impact can your commitment to consistent giving have?

Ready to become part of lasting, sustainable change for children in our community?  Click the “Donate Today” button to join GEMs!