Kimberly’s Center for Child Protection is very excited about a new project that will be unveiled in the near future. Earlier this year the Marion County Board of County Commissioners awarded Kimberly’s Center a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) to renovate what is currently the Banquet Hall facility into space to accomodate our Therapeutic Supervised […]

The Jerry Sandusky case is coming to trial and we will soon see how the process plays out in this situation.   For some reason, this particular story has captured the attention of the public in a way that few others have.  Is it because well-known people are involved?  Is it because of the association with […]

One With Courage

May 16, 2012

Courage is a word we typically associate with soldiers, firefighters, policewomen and policemen and others fighting on the frontlines to keep all of us safe from harm. But courage can also be ascribed to those who push fear, stigma and discomfort aside to talk about that which society keeps in the shadows because it’s something uncomfortable to talk about. […]

The first time Andrew walked through the doors of Kimberly’s Center, along with his Thomas the Train backpack on his shoulders, he had a deep purple hand print across his face. He was brought to Kimberly’s Center by a Department of Children and Families Protective Investigator who picked him up from his Kindergarten Class and promised him that he […]