Welcoming to every Child

June 15, 2015

Over the past 15 years, Kimberly’s Center has maintained focus on the children and families served and providing the building blocks towards resilience.  From the moment any child walks through the doors of Kimberly’s Center, staff are working to engage that child and family, to create a sense of trust in order to ultimately be able to reach that child through the services and tools they need to heal; ultimately becoming thrivers in our society.

When children arrive at Kimberly’s Center, they enter a safe and child-friendly environment.  The waiting room is where the children can watch movies, play games and puzzles, or build works of art.  We believe offering this type of environment is essential.

IMG_8142 Child Friendly Lobby

As you may know, we are the first step in the child and families’ healing process, offering them both hope and a brighter future.  One of the first professionals the child and families meet is the Child Advocate.  The role of this professional is to assist the child and family as they navigate through the child protection system and assist the family in obtaining needed services.

Both our Advocates, Cory and Brittany, feel that there are many reasons why they love their positions, but the two they enjoy most are “being able to work with individuals and families to provide them with the services needed and seeing their gratitude and relief.  But most of all, seeing the children come to their sessions, watching them heal and becoming comfortable with themselves again.”

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