November 25, 2014

Touch is more than a sense. It’s the way we feel the world. It’s how we know protection from danger and pleasure from pain. Touch connects us to each other in profound ways.

What if this gift were taken from us? What if instead of connecting us to each other, touch were misused and became a violent, destructive force cutting us off from one another? What if touch violated us in the deepest possible way?

For many children, this vital sense of touch is taken from them by the very hands meant to protect and guide them. There are over 4,000 allegations of child abuse reported in Marion County each year. Of those 4,000 cases, Kimberly’s Center serves, on average, 1,200 children per year with various services designed to help them begin the journey of healing. With this specialized, compassionate care that only Kimberly’s Centers can provide, healing is possible and the gift of touch can be restored.

Because we believe no child’s path to healing should be determined by financial lack, families are not charged for the care they receive. Right now, you have the opportunity to touch these children by financially supporting the services provided to help children heal. Thank you for joining us in the work of restoring the lives of children harmed by abuse.

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